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Torque VR – My Journey of becoming an CEO

Torque VR – My Journey of becoming an CEO

It started with a vision back in 2011, after years of rejection, lack of business knowledge and a network of support. I spent years on market research alone, No knowledge of the industry, or connections. In summer of 2018 after graduating, I joined Tech Manchester to find entrepreneurial support towards my vision. I built mass connections on Instagram with businesses out in the middle east and across the globe. November 2019, I registered Torque VR Ltd on Companies House UK.

I stepped out of my comfort zone, Got myself an office in Trafford Park. I had no clue where I was going to start or what I wanted to build as a business. As the pandemic brought a lot of business for it was the season of Graphics Cards, Gaming Pc’s Buy Low Sell High. I tried; I made some profits, but the market was liquidated with people doing the same business.

Image 1 - Office Design Layout at Centenary House Trafford Park

The Journey continues...

I ventured back to mentors and advisors from Tech Manchester and setup an insane fourteen gaming pc setup for fourteen kick-starters through the government backed scheme only to learn I only got approved for two people and had no money to pay them a salary. With the money I had left after trying and failing at several things. I pursued my vision for a platform where users could find their dream car or rental for weddings/ personal ownership and learnt through my extensive market research and the current global epidemic. Covid 19 had shut down many businesses and the Online Game began. So, I pursued it. I hired freelancers from abroad and made a State of Art MVP – Minimal Viable Product. I then asked for help from the GMCC – Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce where I paid to become a member. The Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce is the 2nd Largest UK Hub for All Industry Experts & Businesses Working Together to Make the UK Economy Thrive. I showcased my passion, hard work and determination succeed in my Vision. They loved my MVP Model and put me in touch directly to the GM AI Foundry Tech Accelerator in Media City.

The GM AI Foundry Tech Accelerator in Media City were intrigued and shocked by my vision to create a platform so unique. Throughout my Journey in a Tech Accelerator a long way away from mopping a floor as a Janitor. I thrived within the community of entrepreneurs, stood my ground, and battled my vision to see it come to life, even when most of the support from top level people in the accelerator saw my vision and talent. They quickly tried to shut me down and offer me a job.

Image 2 - GM AI Foundry Tech Accelerator Celebration Event with My Supercar Business Advisor David

Self - Belief

I firmly stood by what I created and believed in. I created an innovative stand design and demonstrated its uses globally to a tech panel governed by the very university I graduated from – The Manchester Metropolitan University. I was rejected as I went with Lancaster university who offered to collaborate with me. I appealed and 4 weeks later I was approved by the same panel who rejected me, the same representative bodies of two of the biggest business growth hubs in Manchester.

I was slammed by the director of the accelerator for what I wanted to build as a platform. Some personal things were also stated but I did not let that affect my vision. I continued my journey as a solopreneur seeking guidance and support. Amazon AWS Reached out after seeing me on the EU Summit Call Live on LinkedIn. I asked for support from a senior member at AWS to be told your vision cannot be built. You should try do something else. Inside I felt pain, but I felt a burning desire to prove them wrong. A burning Vision for change was born.

Image 3 - Team Photo of all Entrepreneurs with the director of IN4.0 Group



After several businesses and growth incubators rejected my proposal for a business to develop a much-needed platform, I firmly stood up for what I believed in. Long hours, Sacrifices, little funding support, a loving family who was there every step of the way with me, dedication, passion, sheer courage, and business savvy entrepreneurship. I worked tirelessly at my office 18+ hours a day 7 days a week. I pulled off what seemed Impossible, because those who tried did not have what it takes to keep on going!

Image 4 Showcasing Our Proof of Concept Model

I built a team of leaders collaborating with me to create my vision, no funding, little resources and voila – a web-based car showroom with 6 cars running on a platform built by professionals better than Mozilla Hubs and Spoke Engine. An Incredible platform using less than a traditional email (<150MB) to give the world, businesses, and customers a service and platform direct from their home. Introducing the Law of Attraction!

To continue reading about my journey follow our blog posts

Kind Regards

Zaim Naqvi

CEO and Founder of Torque VR Ltd

Janitor to CEO

Work Hard & Stay Humble

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