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An exciting announcement has dawned upon Torque VR and its bespoke metaverse integrated platform. Torque VR have been working effortlessly for the last 2 years to build an platform which focuses on the automotive industry. A platform that connects a dealership/rental firm within a web based & VR compatible environment. This Platform allows users anywhere in the world access a live fleet of vehicles and interact with a dealership. The Platform has been built by a dedicated team of professionals and Torque VR has been working with its Strategic Partner Alternate States whom have built this VR engine to help Torque VR connect dealerships into its smart tech solution.

Since working with our strategic partners we have worked on building a pilot concept for our launch together. In September, Torque VR approached several dealerships offering a pilot service, from which many were sceptical to share their company data and operations with us. However, after several days Torque VR created a Pilot Deal with Sharman Group in Salford, Manchester.

Torque VR will offer Sharman group an Virtual Car Showroom in the Metaverse, with an impressive 6 car fleet consisting of 3d render models and scanned vehicles. Furthermore, this experience will allow users globally to view the world's first metaverse car showroom and enable each other to communicate within the space inside the platform.

The launch of our pilot system has been underway since November of last year 2021 and our team are dedicated to bringing this experience to life.

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