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Updated: Mar 28

Tech based Start-up Torque VR attends celebration event at Media City hosted by GM AI Foundry Tech Accelerator to Plan Business Strategy, Operations, Marketing and Developing its Innovative Products to market with Lead Tech Space Firm IN4 Group.

Image 1.2

Arun Kumar Digital Solutions Manager at IN4 Group Hosting the GM AI Foundry Celebration Event at Media City.

Here are some photos of the event with Torque VR Present

Image 1.3 Zaim Naqvi CEO & Founder of Torque VR with David Jackson Supercar Business Advisor & Manchester's #1 Supercar Photographer at GM AI Foundry Accelerator.

Image 1.4 Dunsters Farm Talking to Entrepreneurs at GM AI Foundry Tech Accelerator about how the Accelerator has helped grow their business through AI and how business sales have grown since their journey on the programme.

Image 1.5 Team Photo showcasing all the New Businesses Emerging into the Tech Space for Innovation and Growth.In order to build Industry 4.0 In Manchester at the Heart of the North West's Home for Data Science & Data Engineering. The 2nd Largest Centre of Innovation, R&D And Excellence for Talent Driven Entrepreneurs to Drive Business and Manchester Forward.

TOP LEFT: Zaim Naqvi CEO & Founder of Torque VR

TOP CENTER: David Jackson Supercar Business Advisor Torque VR

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