Introducing Our NFT Range. NFT's better known as Non-Fungible Tokens and are Creating Huge Social and Blockchain Presence. As a Business building a Metaverse Car Showroom Platform. We as a Team have also created a bespoke collection of Vehicle Trading Cards. Our Trading cards are a visual representation of your vehicle, whether you own it or dream about owning one. Our Trading Cards enable owners to showcase their dream/real life cars to friends in the Metaverse. We are also incorporating features such as 3D/4D Hex Style Gel Plates Adapting to the Car Scene Community.

Our NFT Trading Cards are Rare. We intend to have around 10,000 cards with some being 1 of 1.

Our NFT Trading Cards TorqueMetaVehicles is now on and Our Car Community Server is Now on Discord @TorqueVR. You can also follow us on Instagram & @torquemetavehicles For Our Exclusive NFT Whitelist Launch.